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Event Producer

As an event producer you must equipped to handle the the unthinkable. While most clients are thinking two steps ahead, you must be 3 steps ahead of that. Creating a maze through an event that is intentional to  bring your audience through an experience they will not forget and sing praises far into the future.


Below are a couple of events I have produced recently. The list of events, concerts, and festivals I have produced since my start could ​fill up multiple coffee table books, but I'll save that for later :) 

Hotel Civitas

We converted an office into a hotel experience for a night complete with gift shop, mock rooms, and speak-easy style bar as apart of a company launch party. 

General Electric Celebrity Chef Dinner

In collaboration with GE & Pillsbury we created, planned, and executed an intimate dinner for the contestant winner and twenty of her close friends. We enlisted the creative help of Chef Wes Kent to set the tone for the evening and created a locally sourced menu  accompanied with a live demo/training session on the technique of souve cooking. 

Night Lights Outdoor Movie Series

An outdoor movie series in Columbus & Nashville that showcases nostalgia movies from the 90s and early 2000s. The scene is set on ionic locations in both cities and is supported with food truck park, pop-up bars, and live DJs. 

MLS Super Draft

A annual showcase of the upcoming talent to be drafted into the Major League Soccer. Our task was to create, build, and manage the player's lounge experience through the entire draft process. 

Deus x Porsche Event


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